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We invest in innovation, operational excellence, and advanced technology. Our team has highly trained and committed professionals, providing customers with the best end result in solar power generation.

Created in 2020, our company has developed projects for different areas comprising the segment of distributed generation: scale, geographic distribution, and quality in power purchase agreements (PPAs).

With a clear understanding of its role as a strong agent in the market and recognizing the importance of diversifying the Brazilian energy system, our intention is to transform society through actions that favor the energy migration to a low-carbon economy and environmental preservation. 


As a leading source in the distributed generation sector, photovoltaic solar energy has demonstrated its relevance and efficiency in market decentralization and decarbonization processes.


In line with the growing interest in this energy source, we offer a platform that is ready for leading new business models emerging in the energy sector. The main differentiators include financial strength and the project bank, which enables rapid growth in the market, both in self-consumption and shared generation (retail), with attractive returns. 



GDSUN is a company that ensures reliability and commercial security, creating innovative and effective solutions for our customers.

1. Nation-wide platform

GDSUN is present in 17 states and 25 eletric utilities, making our company increasingly recognized in the national market.

4. Top-tier suppliers

We choose our suppliers and partners based on a high technical level of quality,  and service delivery. 

2. Premium customers

Renowned companies have benefitted from their investments in energy transition, such as Magazine Luiza, Claro, and Raízen.

5. Financial strength

We offer financial strength of a fund managed by Franklin Templeton Alternatives and Servtec Energia.

3. Qualified management and operational excellence

We have a unique management system, which works in synergy with 4 regional operational clusters. The integrated operational platform offers, in a single solution: cutting-edge systems, tools, and technologies for studies on renewable energy generation; operation and maintenance services; as well as energy management processes.

6. Project bank

We have a rigorously qualified

263 MWp project bank for power plants and electric utilities, which enables rapid growth in the remote self-consumption and shared generation markets.


Why choose GDSUN?

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