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GDSun - our journey in distributed solar power generation


Contribute to the energy transition of our clients, through creative and sustainable models of distributed power generation, promoting growth and democratization of solar energy in Brazil.


Be the market leader, recognized for the best and most trusted partnership in distributed power generation solutions in Brazil.


Integrity, ethics and transparency;

People and environment respect;

Simplicity and austerity;

Focus on outcome;

Nonconformity and continuous search for excellence;

Innovation and creativity.

We operate in the entire process of development, construction, generation and energy supply in solar power plants that operate in the captive market, within the limits of distributed minigeneration, participating in the credit compensation system. In this model, the energy generated in the plants is commercialized directly to medium and large customers, from diverse sectors, through long-term contracts.


Distributed Generation, in addition to encouraging the diversification of the Brazilian energy matrix, in line with the growing interests of society to migrate to a low carbon emission economy and environmental preservation, provides economic gains for companies that adhere to this type of contract.

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We started our operation in 2020 and were born with the experience and knowledge in the sector of our investors and controllers.


With this, in less than a year, we have expanded our participation in distributed solar generation with the announcement of investments in the construction of new solar power plants.




Arthur Costa Sousa

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Hudson Souza

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

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Augusto Beber

Board Member

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 Gustavo Bacellar de Faria

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFO)

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 Gustavo Bacellar de Faria

Chief Financial and Administrative Officer (CFO)

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Nelson Graça

Board Member

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Arthur Costa Sousa

Board Member

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Paulo de Meira Lins

Chairman of the Board of Administration

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GDSUN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Servtec Energia FIP, a private investment fund dedicated to the power generation sector in Brazil that started in 2017. The Fund is co-managed by Franklin Templeton Alternatives (formerly Darby) and Servtec Energia, both of which have successful track records in the power generation industry.

The Fund combines Franklin's third-party asset management and business administration expertise with Servtec Energia's project management experience and technical knowledge.

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Franklin Templeton Alternatives is an asset manager registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Franklin Resources, Inc. Franklin Templeton is a global fund manager with 75 years of experience and a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: BEN), and is part of the S&P 500 index composition. As of October 2022, Franklin Templeton had over $1.4 trillion under management and clients in over 170 countries. Through other funds, Franklin Templeton Alternatives has invested in biomass, wind and hydroelectric power generation, in Brazil and abroad. Franklin Templeton Alternatives, through Darby Overseas, has made over 137 investments worldwide, 60% of which were in the infrastructure sector, with a growing focus on renewable energy.


Servtec was founded in the 1960s and has been engaged in the power generation sector since the late 1990s. Over more than 20 years in the electricity sector, it has developed, structured and implemented generation projects in the most varied sources: thermal, wind, solar and hydro. Altogether, the projects total more than 2 GWp of installed capacity and demanded investments of more than US$ 2.5 billion. The highlights are: (i) the wind projects Bons Ventos Aracati, Taíba, Paracuru and Serra, (ii) the thermoelectric plants CGE, Gera Amazonas and Gera Maranhão, (iii) the solar utility scale generation platform Mercury Renew (currently Comerc Renew), (iv) in addition to GDSUN, the largest distributed generation company in the remote self-consumption category in Brazil.

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